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What are the 5 Pillars of Islam | The Five Pillars of Islam Explained in English


What are The Five Pillars of Islam Explained 5 pillars of Islam in English?

5 Pillars of Islam The Five Pillars of Islam Explained in English

5 Pillars of Islam Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam came to teach us many things and the most important of them are the five pillars of Islam do you know the five pillars let's say them together with number one a Shahada to say 


which means there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam is his final messenger number two is salat the prayer the five daily prayers number three zakat to give the yearly charity number four ECM fast in the month of Ramadan and number five is Hajj going to Mecca and performing the pilgrimage Salah will be the first pillar that Allah will ask us about on the day of judgment so it is very important to pray on time and concentrate in your prayer one 

so let's go to the main topic >>

Five Pillars of Islam Explained Islam is based on the five principles known as the five pillars. And they are five obligations for Muslims to live a good and responsible life. The Quran presents them as a frame word for worship and a sign of commitment to their faith.

My Name Is Mohammad and I am taking a look at the five pillars of Islam and breaking them down for you so that you could understand them a lot easier. Now, this is another article for those who are well versed in Islam but rather for people that may wanna learn a bit more about the faith, kinda get a better understanding or people that are apart of the religion of Islam that just may not even understand what these pillars are.

Now, I got a question that I wanna threw it to you before I continue and that is, do you view yourself as a good person or a bad person, or like are you somewhere in between? Let me know where you think you fall on the good or bad scale, down below :) Both Sunnis and Shias agree on the essential details of carrying out the five pillars

(1) Five Pillars of Islam  Number one is Profession of Faith in Arabic (Shahadah)

5 Pillars of Islam The Five Pillars of Islam Explained in English

Five Pillars of Islam And the first pillar is, "Shahada" or faith. The most basic requirement of being Muslim is. publicly state the words, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger" in Arabic. And this must be said with sincerity and without any reservations. This testament is the foundation of all other beliefs and practices in Islam. To become a Muslim, a Non-Muslim must repeat the Shahada, three times in the presence of witnesses.

(2) Five Pillars of Islam  Number two is "Prayer"  in Arabic( Salah or Salat).

5 Pillars of Islam The Five Pillars of Islam Explained in English

Five Pillars of Islam Now the next pillar of Islam is "Salah" or prayer. Salah refers to the obligatory prayer that is done five times a day by Muslims. And I wanna break down what those five prayers are and they are, 

Salah al-Fajr, Salat al-zuhr, Salat al-'asr, Salat al-maghrib, and Salat al-'isha.

So these prayers serve as public evidence for a believer's devotion to Islam The prayers are usually led by someone who knows the Quran very well and is generally chosen by the congregation but this does not mean that need to attend the Mosque to pray. Muslims can pray anywhere and these prayers are done at dawn, as well as midday and there's one at late afternoon, one at sunset and another at nightfall. And one thing to know that these prayers contain verses from the Quran and are said in Arabic and these prayers are to be made in the direction of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

(3) Five Pillars of Islam  Number three is "Alms" in Arabic (zakat)

5 Pillars of Islam The Five Pillars of Islam Explained in English

Five Pillars of Islam Now the third pillar of Islam is "Zakat" and that refers to Charity or charitable giving. Every Muslim is obligated to pay a potion of his or her wealth for the benefit of the poor and needy. The amount is generally said to 2.5% of the value of all liquid assets and income-generating properties of an individual and is used to feed the poor or encourage the conversion to Islam as well as support those devoting themselves to the work of Islam and any other suitable cause.

(4) Five Pillars of Islam  Number Four is "Fasting"  in Arabic (Sawm)

5 Pillars of Islam The Five Pillars of Islam Explained in English

Five Pillars of Islam Now if you're not Muslim, you've probably seen or heard of one of your Muslim friends fasting. Well, that is one of the pillars, and that one is called "Sawm."

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are expected to fast from dawn up until sundown. There aren't to eat any food or drink or any sexual relationships with their spouse or significant other. Now the sick, the elder, and the woman who is menstruating or even pregnant and nursing, are allowed to break the fast, provided that they make up an equal number of days later on in the year.

Although fasting is beneficial for health and Quran advocates fasting is a method of self-purification and self-restraint. To seek nearness to Allah, be patient as well as to learn hardships faced by the less fortunate.

(5) Five Pillars of Islam  Number Five is  "Profession of Faith" in Arabic (Hajj)

5 Pillars of Islam The Five Pillars of Islam Explained in English

Five Pillars of Islam And the last pillar is probably the most epic and exciting one, well at least to me when I was learning about this. And that pillar is "Hajj" or the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is an obligation for those who are physically and financially able to do so. Regardless, there are over 2 million people who go to Mecca each and every single year from all around the world.

The annual Hajj begins the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Now the rights of Hajj include, going around the Kaaba seven times and going seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwa as did Hagar who had gave birth to the Prophet Abraham in Arabic  IBRAHIM (SA) son, Ishmel, during her search for water.

So those are the five pillars of Islam, in case you were wondering. I hope that brought a lot of clarification for you.  if you learn something from here then comment pls

  • Five Pillars of Islam 
  1. Profession of Faith (Shahadah) 
  2. Prayer (Salah)
  3. Alms (Zakat)
  4. Fasting (Sawm)
  5. Pilgrimage (Hajj)


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