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Top 6 Real Money-Making Ideas How To Make Money Online

Best  Money Making Ideas For How to make money online in the right way how to make money from home

Top 6 Real Money-Making Ideas How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online 

Questions like how to make money online easily how to earn money or how cant I make money online easy way mostly ask on the internet 

When you come here you are definitely new and you want to know or learn how to make money online So I will try my best to guide you properly

If you think that you will be given a link to download a mobile application or a link to a website to work and from that, you will make 500 dollars or 1000 dollars daily income then you have gone to the wrong place. I am sincerely sorry that I can't do anything without disappointing you. There is nothing else to do, but hopefully, all the misconceptions will no longer exist if you read all the articles.

If you want to make money with software by downloading mobile software Or works on the web site then I would say just don't waste time with this nothing will happen if you don't know Any kind of skill then learn a skill first then think of income make money

You may have seen different videos on youtube or you may have heard from different people and you may have seen the posts of different blogs saying that you can make 1000 dollars or  500 dollars every day from home without any work with your mobile phone. There is no basis for such talk.

If it were so easy to make  $30,000 to $40,000 per month, then all the people in the world would just work on the net sitting at home and the world would not go on like this. I hope you will not do such nonsense.

Even then, if you want to make money like this, you can try some apps and websites by paying, but most of them are fake. You can try if you want, but you will never be able to make 100 Dollars per month.

And of course, you have to be careful because such apps and websites are mostly fake

I talked a lot and gave a lot of knowledge, so let's move on to the main topic and see how to actually make money online and in what ways to make money easily and correctly.

Needless to say, if you want to make money online and work online, don't take it full-time for the first time, try to work part-time for the first time.

If you do a job, try to do it along with the job or if you are a student, try to do it along with studying Because it takes a while for success to come, you can't be successful overnight and Of course, you have to be patient

We will talk in detail about 6 topics here and try to tell from my long seven years of experience on all topics

  1. How to make money online by blogging
  2. How To Make Money Online From YouTube
  3. How to make money online by freelancing
  4. How To Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing
  5. How to make money online by making mobile apps
  6. How to make money online from Facebook
  7. How much money can be earned per month from online
  8. Some questions and their answers

How To Make Money Online From Blogging

It is very easy to make money by blogging, but you have to have an idea of writing because writing is the main topic of the blog  And you have to write good quality content because if people can't learn anything from your content, no one will read it.

You need to do research online on the subject you want to write about and see how other people are writing about it, what kind of content they are writing, and the quality of the content. And you have to keep in mind how you can give a little better quality content than them

But don't think that you will make a lot of money by copying and pasting from other people's articles and pasting them on your website. If you try to do so, your site will never rank in Google and you will not be able to make money Google never bankings copyrighted articles and does not approve AdSense.

So you have to use your talent to write articles or hire article writers  But I would say you should be blogging about the subject matter if you have a thorough knowledge of the subject then writing an article will be easier for you

And of course, you try blogging on any one topic because writing on the same blog on different topics takes a long time to rank. If you write on any one topic, it will quickly rank on the first page of Google.

If your article ranks on google your site will get views and views will actually get you AdSense approval. If your site is approved, you will be able to make money.

Not only You can make money from Adsense,  if you can get a good amount of views, you can also make money through affiliate marketing.

In addition to AdSense approval, there are many other AdSense alternatives from which you can add ads to your site. And you will get approval easily  However, other AdSense alternative companies like Google and Facebook will not be able to give as much income.

Google's AdSense and Facebook's Facebook Audience Network are both the best online ad networks.

And you need to read and understand the AdSense program policy or otherwise, you can get into trouble.

If you want to know more details about how to earn money from blogging or how to blogging properly then you can go here

How To Make Money Online From YouTube

YouTube is very popular these days and it is very easy to make money from YouTube but there are some things you need to know and some rules must you have to follow.

The first things you need to know are how to do video recording, how to do video editing and how to upload videos. And how to do The SEO  right way for Video

And if you don't want to do video recording yourself, then you can also make money on youtube there are some sites. The sites will give you copyright-free videos. You can download and edit them you can upload them to YouTube.

And another thing to keep in mind is that you can make money from the only AdSense on YouTube and you can also make money from affiliate marketing but you can't make money from any AdSense alternative ad network. Because YouTube does not allow any other ad network

And the things you have to follow are that you can't download and upload someone else's video to YouTube and you can't say anything about someone else without their permission.

Because in that case, a copyright strike Or a copyright claim may occur. If a copyright strike Or a copyright claim occurs three times a month, your channel will be suspended. You must be careful that the channel is not returned. And you must read and understand YouTube's privacy policy, otherwise, there can be a problem. for you

If you want to know more about youtube how to make money from youtube and how to run a youtube channel properly go here to know all the details about youtube

How To Make Money Online by Freelancing

You can easily make money without freelancing because many people are making a lot of money through freelancing. Here are some of the things I mean Skills you need to know to make money as a freelancer.

data entry, content writing, photo editing, video editing, logo design, T-shirt design, YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, web development, application development,

Here are just a few examples. There are thousands of other things I mean Skills that you can do to freelance and make a good amount of money by freelancing.

And you may be wondering how to do freelancing if you know the job or where to get the job. There are many freelancing sites. Here are some of them.,,

I just talked about five famous sites, there are many more sites from which you can make money by freelancing. If you visit these sites, you will find that out of thousands of jobs, there is one job that you can do well

Or maybe you can get to your destination from there, such as what you want to make or what you want to do, or what you are most interested in.

How To Get Started Freelancing How To Make Money By Freelancing If you want to know everything in detail then go here

How To Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing

There is a lot of money to be made through affiliate marketing, but it takes a lot of hard work because affiliate marketing is a little different from blogging, YouTube, and freelancing.

How to make money by affiliate marketing or how to do affiliate marketing How to make money by doing affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of assuming that there is a lot of goods in a store. You sold the goods from the owner of that store and the owner of that store gave you some commission. This is how affiliate marketing works

How do you do affiliate marketing if you  have a Facebook page with a lot of followers or You have a channel on Instagram where you have a lot of followers or you have a YouTube channel where you have a lot of subscribers or you have a website that has a lot of views If you have something like this then you can easily do affiliate marketing What to do if you do not have something like this

Then you can make money by sharing on Facebook by email, sharing on Instagram, sharing affiliate links in different places. And there are many other small ways that you can make money through affiliate marketing.

How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing  How To Make Money By Affiliate Marketing If you want to know everything in detail then please go here

How To Make Money Online by Making Mobile Apps

It is very easy to make money by making a mobile app, but in this case, you have to make an app yourself or hire a developer to make an app.

If you can build it yourself it will not cost money and if you have to build it with a developer you will have to spend some money

If you are not a developer or don't know how to make an app, you can learn or some sites that will allow you to make an app for free, just click, fill in the options, and be ready.

But in that case, you have to give them a part of your income, like 20% or 25% from your income companies will take it from you I am sharing the names of some of the sites from which you can easily create apps


There are many more such sites from which you can build applications without coding knowledge And you can make the app very easily in a few minutes

So no matter how you make an app, you can make money by making an app by installing AdMob and ads or by adding ads from Facebook Audience Network by publishing apps in the Play Store or by publishing them in other App Stores.

But to publish the app on the Google Play Store, you first need to buy a developer account for 25$, And then you have to publish the app. You can publish as many apps as you want. There is no limit

And there are other app stores that don't charge is for free, such as the Amazon App Store, the Samsung Galaxy App Store, and many other stores that don't charge is totally for free. you can publish your apps Free of cost

However, the Google Play Store is the largest app download store in the world. Most apps are downloaded here. Very few other stores. So I leave that to you. If you want to make money by making applications Then do what is best for you

How To Get Started Making Mobile Apps  How To Make Money By Making Mobile Apps If you want to know everything in detail then please go here

How To Make Money Online From Facebook 

There are very few people who do not use Facebook at the present time because Facebook is a very popular site at present or you can say it is a means of communication and that is why it is quite easy to make money from Facebook but you have to hard work to make money from Facebook. You can

To make money from Facebook, you need to have a Facebook page with followers and views. And you can make money by uploading copyright-free videos on that page. You may have to make videos or download copyright-free videos from the net and upload them by editing.

Or if you have a website, you can make money from Facebook by publishing the articles of that website on Facebook and turning on instant articles. Or you can make money by a Facebook ad through an application from the Facebook audience network. 

However, make money from a Facebook page is a little easier than on YouTube. It is possible to make money from the Facebook page in a short time from YouTube and the income from YouTube videos is a little higher than the Facebook video.

How To Get Started From Facebook   How To Make Money By From Facebook If you want to know everything in detail then please go here

How much money can be earned per month from online

In fact, when it comes to our work, we have to talk about how the income will be with it because for those who want to work online, the question that comes to their mind, again and again, is how much money they make every month and such questions come to mind.

One of the issues here is affiliate marketing. Whatever you do, whether you open a YouTube channel or blog or work on Facebook, the way you do affiliate marketing can be done everywhere and in that case, the income of affiliate marketing is higher.

I say affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing can be done everywhere with all the work, now the thing you need to understand is what you really want to do if you do freelancing affiliate marketing does not go into it.

First of all, when it comes to blogging, if you are blogging, the first thing you need to do is bring a good amount of traffic to your site. The more traffic, the more your income.

Bloggers are typically 200$ to 300$ a month for normal bloggers who make an income, and if you look at the high level of income, then AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Then the sponsorship means that those who are a little bit of a high-level blogger, they normally start earning from 1000 1000 to over a million dollars a month, I hope you understand how the income can be.

No one can say exactly what the income from online in particular is, but if you have a rough idea, then you can understand that if you work properly online, then your monthly income starts from a modest $ 200 to $ 300 dollars. But not the end

This is because online income has a beginning but it has no end. In that case, you can understand for yourself how much your income can reach if you work properly.

I would say if you really want to make money online then choose any one profession and work hard at it. And if you focus on any one task, it will not take long for success to come and you will be able to earn a good amount of money in a very short time.

So I hope you don't think about money first, you think about work, you do what you do and you do what you like to do, then you see work, you don't feel like work, you feel like you're playing sports.

But here's a thing to say if you want to make money online you have to be patient nothing will happen overnight and don't think like that

Here are six topics we talked about how to make money online. Here I give you a rough idea and I will try to talk about these six topics separately in full detail. And links to separate posts on those six topics will be given here

And if you think you know or understand something from here, you must comment, And if you think you know or understand something from here, you must comment And many many thanks to all of you who have read so far

And I would like to warn you about some more things like you have seen in articles or videos in different places

How to make money 1000 Dollars per day How to make money 500 Dollars  per day How to make money 100 Dollars per hour This type of video or article may come in front of you Please don't let anyone fall into this trap If you want to do something like this in greed, then only time will be wasted and nothing will happen

If this was really the case then I would be able to make a lot of money, then those who give articles or videos would not give them. Wasting time, they will only make money. Try to understand this thing a little bit. Thank you so much again Stay well

Should I start blogging or start a YouTube channel?

You can convert the words you say in that video to tax and post it on the blog and attach the video of the seven YouTube channels to it and if you

You can convert the words you say in that video to tax and post it on the blog and share the video link of the YouTube channel on your blog.

Also, if you just want to do something, the means youtube or blogging I suggest you start blogging if you just like writing. Or if you like to do video editing then video recording then start a YouTube channel which is good for you.

what is the way the cab be successful easily?

Success is not easy at all. You have to work hard, have time and be patient. If you can work on these three conditions then you are sure to succeed.

But the shortcut can be a success if you do what you want to do from the heart if you can do what you like to do when you go to work you will feel happy and not bored

There is no doubt that if you can do this you will be successful in a very short time and of course you will try to do that. This is my request.


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