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Warning For You if You Want To Make Money From Online Like YouTube

Warning For All  Who Make Money From Online or Try To Make Money From Online Especially YouTube

Warning For You if You Want To Make Money From Online Like YouTube

Warning for those who make money online or those who want to make money online Especially those who work on YouTube or are thinking of working on YouTube should know

Everyone is requested to read the whole article. The mention of YouTube here does not mean that it is only for those who use YouTube because it will be very useful for those who want to make money online or make money online.

In fact, the point I want to tell you in detail is that those who want to make money online or those who make money online must have a few points in mind.

Just a few days ago, YouTube deleted over 22 lakh channels, deleted nearly one crore of videos, and deleted over 103 crore comments.

And it's not just YouTube that does it once, it does it almost all the time and what is the reason and is it YouTube doing it for its own mistakes or for the mistakes of content creators like us And the answer is of course Google does it for the mistakes of those who have content creators

Eighty-five percent  85% of the mistakes that have forced YouTube to take such action are Spam, Misleading, and Scams, and the remaining 15 percent on other topics.

I am giving you the (YouTube Community Guidelines enforcement) link here for your convenience. You can check for yourself what all the incidents have actually been deleted for and in that case, you must be careful.

Whether you're talking about YouTube, blogging, or other sites, all of these sites are detailed in their Terms and Conditions to tell you what you can and can't do here.

And if you don't do that and do everything you want, then you can't blame the site or the company for the mistake. You must admit that the mistake is yours.

One thing everyone has to say here is that you will make money online, it is a good thing, but you will not have any problem if you follow their terms and conditions, and if you do not comply with the terms and conditions, you will be charged for your mistakes. You have to pay today or tomorrow

You may think that Google will never catch the tricks you are doing and you may think so but believe me it is your complete misconception that Google will catch you today or tomorrow

It may be that Google's algorithm may take some time to catch your tricks. But when your tricks are caught, all your hard work and all the time you put behind it is finished in one minute.

Suppose you checked the youtube channel at night and saw that your youtube channel has a lot of subscribers and increased and you are earning a lot  And you fell asleep happily at night after seeing it.

It's morning and you woke up. You're very happy that your YouTube channel has seen an increase in views and subscribers, and you've happily opened YouTube to see how many users have come to your channel and how you're earning.

But when you open YouTube, you see that your channel is no longer on YouTube, your channel has been deleted, and then how do you feel  However, those who have not had such an accident will not be able to feel it but will be able to guess a little, and those who have had such an accident will be able to feel it.

Now, what do you want? Do you also want something like this to happen to you? Of course, you don't want an accident like this to happen to you and that's why you must call YouTube, blogging, Facebook. Or you could say affiliate marketing and freelancing are the fields you work in

All the time you will try to 100% comply with the terms and conditions of those companies and if you do that you will be able to sleep peacefully at night. Maybe the income will be a little less but there will be no tension.

And I'm not just talking about YouTube or any other platform, I'm talking about all platforms and if you follow my advice, you will definitely benefit a lot. for anywhere you try to make money online

Many thanks to everyone who has read the article so far and if you won't know anything about it, please comment and if you have anything to say, you can comment. In the comment section thank you

You can find more details on how to make money online, what are the ways to do it and what are things to keep in mind, and what kind of work you need to do to make money online. If you need, you can visit other posts. on this site thanks


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