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Domains Google About Google Sites with Personalized URL Google Domains

Domains Google, Google Sites with personalized URL Google Domains

Domains Google

During this time, in order to reach better to your students, you have created infinity resources, documents, forms assessment, homework, and activities in Classroom. Impressive Jamboard Presentations to better explain the contents. Have you created forms of gamification? You have created service and learning projects. Have you created solidarity projects? You have generated videos. That is a whole display of creativity and legend-level work. Typical of a festival.

the material you have created where is it? 

Surely, you will have it scattered in files, in folders in different directories, different locations per the applications that you have come using. If you organize all the material that you have created and you give it a certain structure, you can always have it accessible at hand and you can put in value all the work you have created. In addition, you can share it with other companions. Structure it, organize it 

and gather it in one place, so that you can value your work. that you can have it in one more way accessible at any time you may need, and do it in a way that is visual, easy, and attractive for it you have the Google Site tool. If you haven't discovered how it works and you want to create a site don't miss this tutorial that we had already published with the purpose of showing you how to create a Site in a very simple way. You can reorganize all your content and present it in a visible way and attractive on a web page What do you

will do it on a site? The power does it in an easy and simple way. Without having programming knowledge. Also, light in the sense that it does not will weigh when it will be opened by another user. Another advantage that you will offer to organize all your content in a Google Site web is the possibility to edit it easily. Without having great knowledge of programming as would require creating other types of web pages. 

Is going to offer you the possibility of having images of quality and free images, so you can improve the design of your publications. In this way, you can give know all the content you've been for your subject, projects without a doubt totally innovative. You can give to know your company, your brand your projects, your activities. I mean, everything whatever you can think of. You too resume. 

How have you been living during this time of confinement, take the opportunity to publicize your classes yoga, your sports classes, books you have read, trips you would like to make or publicize any experience. Very practical, for example, for schools in this time when there is less contact with families due to lack of presence, to publicize even the projects what will they carry out during the course

next. It is really impressive to discover how, for example, school infant teachers Love of God, they have created some Site totally creative and educational for work with education students childish, in this time when they were in their houses. If you already have created some sites and you are the owner of those sites and now you want to post them with a custom URL, this video is dedicated for you. 

I'm going to show you in this video how to publish a google site with a URL personalized giving you a vision and looking much more professional to your publications. I will explain to you, step by step, the process as if it was a cooking recipe. Such form, that with ease, while you enjoy a cup of coffee can you go following the tutorial and post one personalized way your new website. 

What ingredients will you need to make this product? Well, first instead, have a Site that belongs to your property. Not something they shared with you, but something that you have created, that you are the owner of the Site. 

In the second place, r have a command of your property. And third, create the URL. If you are willing to start preparing a good coffee and we give way to the explanation

First of all, you may be wondering What is a URL? A URL 

is the location of a page. Like houses and buildings have a location for that we can easily locate them, also web pages have it. I will randomly grab a web page. Once we have finished a Side to the time to publish it always appears to us this option, to manage the publishing with a website personalized. On this Site we already have the custom URL that appears. How can you see at the top of the search engine is the address of All URL is essentially made up of two elements: on the one hand, the DOMAIN which is the name with which we are going to identify

this address and then with a category which is the category ".COM" or ".ES" or ".ORG". That is, the one decides to have. To check the URL of a web page we will have to go to the top of the browser where we will find the description of the URL. If we already have a Site created and published,

the next step is to acquire a domain. I put here as an example the page of Google Domains where you can purchase the domain of your preference. Is very intuitive and very easy to follow. First, a seeker. As you can see in this part central where you can type your domain to see if is available or you could also transfer any of the domains that already have the domain of Google Domain. He

The next step is that we can write the domain name that we want to acquire and search to know if it is available. Below we provide a search for the domain availability with other options and also show us different features, prices, and others categories. 

If the proposals that do they fit our needs and we are interested in it, we will continue with the process or we can search and acquire a domain in another provider domain that we like the most or that best fits our needs. 

We give of course we have already acquired the domain. The next step will be to customize domain DNS to that point to the web page that we have created on Google Site. In the center of Site help, we see the description very detailed of how to use URL customized for our website. AND, the first step will be to check that you are the owner of the URL. 

Therefore You are going to ask us to follow, in detail, This process. First of all, ask us to go to this address to check. At the webmaster center, we will add a property. We will add the domain that we have acquired and will verify the page from the webmaster center that you are the owner of this domain. Is a necessary condition to be able to follow the process. 

The next step is to update your URL on your website Host to be able to assign the URL custom you have created to your site web, which you have created with Google Site. 

You must create a CNAME record on your host domain, either Google Domain, Godaddy, or any of the other domains that you have been able to acquire. The processes may vary depending on a platform or another I will show you how to do it in Google Domains and it's very simple. We are going to go first to the host of domains, that is, where they are hosted. 

And there we will create a CNAME record. We are already on the page of our domain. Let's go to the settings DNS and at the bottom, we see how we can customize the registration of means. 

And what do we have to do here? Well, simply follow the steps that I'm going to show you. In this part, we are going to indicate that it is a Web address. Second, within the options offered to us, we will mark CNAME, because what we are going to create is a CNAME record. 

And, finally, we will write the own hosting of Google. What is this, as indicated. It is also exposed on the page of the Google Site support. In this way, we will be indicating that our URL is pointing to the hosting from Google, which is where it is hosted on our Site. 

So that we will have as follows: it is a web page, we have a CNAME record and it's pointing to Google hosting. The third step is to assign that address, already customized that we have created, to our Google Site. 

To do this, we will continue the indications given to us, having note that we are using, what of course the new version of Google If you. Now, we will have to open our Site to configure it. 

By pressing the About the option to publish, this dialog box will appear. With the name of the assigned web address. It would be the address usually that we would show if we did with Google's own hosting. 

But, how do we want to make a URL custom let's click on "manage". And at this point, it is when we can configure the URL customization with a domain that we have acquired. We will write it in the dialog box and once you we have written, with the syntax that here appears, we will click on "assign a domain ". Once we have written it www edtrainertv com, this is the name of the domain acquired, click on assign a domain. And, in this way, already our Site will be published with a custom domain.

So that it will look like this. As you taught at the beginning. You see that the part superior no longer appears on google's site blah. But it appears to us directly the domain And remembers, this process takes a while.

It is not necessary that you take note of anything because in the description of the video I'll leave you the link to the Google Support page. In addition, I will also leave you the link to the Google Domains page in case you are interested in acquiring a domain.

And, of course, I also leave you a link to the new website that I created from the Ed Trainer Tv channel. very easy to access the lists of reproduction that I created with a thematic description so that easily find what you are going to need. I also leave some links that have to do with updates, news, news, and a section where you can enter if you are interested in acquiring the Certification as a teacher Google Level 1 All Resources available so you can perform the training at your own pace according to level from which you depart.


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