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How to Change Country Name in AdSense Account

How to Change Country in AdSense Account is possible or impossible  to Change Country in AdSense Account

How to Change Country in AdSense Account is possible or impossible

My personal experience Change Country in AdSense Account 

hi everyone on today I'm going to talk about something that it was my nightmare for nearly two years and this is how to change countries on AdSense for the ones that don't know AdSense it's then Google AdSense is the tool that allows the creators to monetize their content, for example, Youtube videos blog, etc

so when I started my youtube channel I was living in Spain and two years ago I moved to the UK and when i moved I thought okay I'm going to change my AdSense because I want the money coming to my English account because I want to close my Spanish account nope you cannot change countries in that sense it's really really annoying

but i think I read that this is because some people were taking advantage of it like to make um to evade taxes and things like that so most of the countries cannot change AdSense I've seen an article where a guy when you enter to your AdSense account it lets him change countries and address to me it wasn't the case when I was trying to change on my AdSense account so you cannot change countries you cannot change you can change your address but being on the same country

and you cannot change the bank account it needs to be a Spanish bank account so yeah I was nearly two years thinking how I'm going to do it because I contacted youtube to explain my problem and they said you cannot change it you need to cancel your current AdSense account which is terrifying for content creators because it's our income and you need to open a new one so I didn't want to do this

because canceling my AdSense account is like canceling my salary and I didn't know if then I was going to have some problems opening a new one or if they are going to I don't know to say no now you cannot monetize your channel again or something like that I was terrified to imagine going to work and your boss telling you will keep working but probably you are not going to get paid for the next days weeks or months i don't know it's terrifying but sadly it's the only way to do it 

so I was told that you could create a new AdSense account with another email and once it's activated you just needed to change it now this doesn't work anymore because when you want to open a new AdSense account they tell you to put the website to be approved and you cannot have two Adsense account if one person cannot have more than one Adsense account so it was impossible for me to put my website because my website was linked before to another AdSense account so this week I thought okay let's just do it and pray that everything is going to be okay

so what I did it's going to my current AdSense account and closed it, yes I know it's terrifying but I had to do it they say that all that this month I will get my money later because I need to put the last few days into consideration to put all the money that they owe me on that AdSense account so probably this month I'm not going to get paid but everything will come in the next month and after I did that I went to my youtube to creator studio tab monetization and I saw that still linked to my old AdSense account now when you want to monetize your videos from youtube

you need to create an AdSense account from youtube you cannot just go to Adsense and create a new account for youtube because they take you back to youtube so I went there I saw my old account I tried to change it and no because when I because the current account was canceled every time that I clicked on change it was an error constantly so at this moment I start to panic really badly but after an hour and a half or something that disappeared and I had a new screen saying um monetize your videos with Adsense

so I clicked on there you will see three steps in this video is for channels that are already monetized if it's a new channel you're not going to have a problem just to put your new AdSense account and that's it this is for if you want to change countries you have three tabs the first one is like youtube checking your channel to see if they are going to allow you to monetize the video the second is to link your AdSense account and the third I don't remember but the first and the third we're already on green for me because they have already been active by youtube

which is that's one of the things that I was scared of I was scared that the whole process needs to be done again and no-no once it's done once it's activated it's activated the only thing that was unread for me was the second step which is put your AdSense account 

so I enter over there put another email because you can not use your old email that was associated previously to an AdSense account so I put a new email I put all my data and then they were like we are processing your information can be this the process can take some days obviously when AdSense is not there yet my videos aren't being monetized

so I'm not getting any money at all and I have two channels I've got a Spanish channel and an English channel so both of them were associated with my first AdSense account and now that the account is canceled my videos weren't being monetized so I was panicking thinking oh my god how long this is going to take because I thought okay I'm going to put both channels at the same time 

but you can not you can just do one at a time until they activated your new AdSense account so I was waiting for the whole day refreshing the page thinking oh my god what I'm going to do if this is going to take weeks because of In the current situation of the world there's fewer workers working so I thought maybe this is going to have a huge delay but no after eight-nine hours everything was perfectly new AdSense account is activated

and I could link my English channel really easy because once the AdSense account is activated you just need to link it that's it easy so yeah with this I just wanted to share my experience because I've seen a lot of videos I read a lot I was trying to think I was trying to avoid to cancel my AdSense because I didn't know how long it was going to take until they activate my Adsense again 

so I was terrified of that but it came through a point that I just needed to do it don't be scared of doing it I know that canceling Adsense might be terrifying it was terrifying for me but my channel was not monetizing just for eight or nine hours is not a lot so it's fine it's the only way to do it and yeah this was my experience please let me in the comments below if you have any more questions if you have been in this situation how you did it

and yeah hopefully, this my experience is going to help you because as I said I was looking for a lot of information and no one told me what was the whole process or anything it's just yeah no videos about it so hopefully, this will help you and yeah please share this experience if it was useful for you

thanks for reading

How to change the country in Adsense / My experience


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